Fresnel Portrait

_DSC1275webA portrait of my brother in law, taken two nights ago in our living room. 1 x 650w Tungsten Fresnel behind. 800w Redhead used to light the background. 1 x 1000w Tungsten Fresnel bounced into a sunmover – camera right as key light. Edited in camera raw and silver efex pro.

Light Spectacle in the Galtee Mountains

I was driving home from work last Friday, heading north on the R513, I couldn’t help but notice that the sun was unusually bright that afternoon. I don’t know why – call it anticipation – I decided to take a right just before Ballylanders and drove towards the Limerick – Tipperary border. I stopped at the side of the road, grabbed the D810 with the 24-70mm f/2.8g and took a series of handheld shots. It didn’t take more than 10 minutes. Then I headed home.

Went to the same spot a couple of days later, sunny conditions, roughly the same time, and got nothing. Just goes to show, that occasionally nature creates something unique, and that in this instance, being at the right place at the right time got me the pictures I was after.



Misty morning in the Galtees

The Galtee Mountains are Ireland’s highest inland mountain range, stretching across parts of counties Tipperary and Limerick. It was several months ago that I had spotted a tiny bridge, hidden in a dip close to Mitchelstown. You get roughly a 2 second glimpse of it as you’re driving around a bend. The location is often shrouded in fog, and you can’t see anything. However, one morning last week,  driving down the R513 from Limerick everything came together, and I stopped to take some snaps. Shot handheld with the X-T1 and the 56mm.




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