Fuji X-Series & Arri T1 fresnel


Photography:                           Oliver Schneider

Model: Niamh Kennedy        Distinct model management & Holman-Lee Agency

Makeup:                                    Mary Kiely

Hair: Sabrina Higgins            Peter Mark

Location:                                   Ash Hill House B&B Kilmallock

We created a series of portraits last week, where I used the Arri 1000w fresnel as the sole light source. My goal was to transform the hard light of the Arri into something a lot softer. What I did was bounce the fresnel into a large silver umbrella. The brolly however wasn’t fully extended. This in turn created a much more flattering light, as you can see in the examples.


You may think that a 1K continuous light source is overkill, and indeed a lot of other photographers who use similar lighting, may lean towards the 650w or 300w options available. Yet, if you compare the power output to say a 500w Bowens for example, you’re still relatively underpowered using a 1K continuous light! I just love the quality you get from a tungsten source – in particular the Arri series. Yes, they get hot and they use more power than LED lights, but the look these lights give you and their versatility is second to none. All images were taken with the X-T1, 56mm combination.